2. somethingaboutseduction:

    now i didn’t really see this one popping up again, but hello!

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  4. passionandflesh:

    Here’s another picture from last night. Still more to come!

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    Lovely view!

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  13. fuckedsweetly:

    Our favorite hobby ;)

    Great hobby, great view! Makes for an awesome picture for my doggy catalog !!!

  14. ourdirtytalks:

    back - blowjob abroad!

    love k. and s.


  15. marriedandfucking:

    Another one I hadn’t posted yet of me fucking our single woman friend back in early March while Mrs. M&F took the pictures…

    I like this one (it’s a color version of the black & white one I posted the other day)… I’m holding her hands as I stand at the side of the bed and using that to thrust in nice and deep.